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Effron White - Award Winning Nashville Singer/Songwriter: News

PARADISO LOCO! - December 21, 2006

The master of the latest CD, "Paradiso Loco", is complete! We are working on the design, and hopefully we will be able to send this baby off to the manufacturer by January 7. If we can do that, CDs should be in hand by the predicted deadline of February 1st! Let me know now if you want one. I will put you on the "first on your block" list! They will be $15.00 each, as usual. What a deal for this one!!!

Successful Recording Session! - October 7, 2006

Four days at Flashpoint Recording Studios in Austin, and, we have a new CD well under way! This is going to be a killer CD! The band on it is extraordinary, and the sound is QUALITY Flashpoint! It was great working with top-notch players on what is destined to be an Austin-flavored jewel! I'm shooting for a spring release, but, the way things are going, it could be a lot sooner! Stay tuned!


New CD ! - September 17, 2006

Great news, Effronites! I will begin work on my next CD (my third) at the end of September. It will be recorded at Flashpoint Recording in Austin, Texas. Bennet Spielvogel, also known as the East Side Flash, or, simply Flash, will be producing. Flash has already begun putting together a terrific studio band. John Inmon, of Jerry Jeff Walker and the Lost Gonzo Band fame, will be adding electric and acoustic guitar accompaniment to the mix. Paul Pearcy, drummer extraodinaire, will bang out the beat. And, Glenn Fukunaga, will play bass. All of these guys are the cream of the Texas crop! With Flash producing, we should end up with the best album yet! Stay tuned for progress reports. I'm looking at a spring, 2007 release date.

So Long, Benson's BBQ... - May 21, 2006

Well, Folks,

It was sad news for me, but, Benson's BBQ is closed for good. That means my weekly Wednesday night gig is no longer. I appreciate all of you who helped support this gig and Kevin Benson's great culinary effort. I will miss the great feel I got at Benson's and the connections that were slowly, but steadily, building into a strong EFFRON-ization force! I hope I will see you all at the various other venues I play. I will be on the lookout for another regular spot to continue EFFRON-izing the world, making it free for all who love live music! Effronites, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

Singer/Songwriter of the Year! - April 27, 2006

It's true! I am happy to announce, I have been voted Best Male Singer/Songwriter of 2006 by the Northwest Arkansas Music Awards (NAMA)! I wish to thank the Fayetteville Free Weekly, the nominating committee, and the Free Weekly readers (my fans) for their roles in granting me this honor. I was astonished to receive this award, in light of the number of nominees in this category, and the exceptional prowess of each of them. I wish them all the best, and I agree with the assessment of Guy Clark that songwriting is not a competition! Everyone has something to say and their very own unique way of expressing it. Still, it is nice to be honored for something you love doing! So, my congratulations go out to all those who were nominated! You are ALL the best!

GoodFolk in June! - March 17, 2006

Yes, Effronites! I will be performing at Fayetteville's premier folk venue, GoodFolk Productions, at 229 N. Block, on June 16! If you've experienced the pleasure of a GoodFolk concert, you will know why I consider this show a milestone in my music career! If you haven't experienced the magic, you will not want to miss this show! This will be a much different show from my ordinary bar gigs. For this "listening" environment, I will be drawing almost exclusively from my catalog of original material. To make it even better, I will be incorporating the tremendous talents of Emily Kaitz, on bass, and Dennis Collins, lead guitar. Come out and help me celebrate this milestone event! Make your reservations now by calling Mike at 479-521-1812. For more info, visit the GoodFolk website: <>

Purdue Digs "On the Road Somewhere" - March 2, 2006

Good news! Purdue University Press will use my song, "On the Road Somewhere" on a compilation cd of "intelligent songs", which they will use as part of a fundraiser and enhancement promotion for the Press.

Fiddler Wanted - February 25, 2006

Hey, if you know any fiddlers out there who would like to join me on a pretty regular basis, let me know. I will give them an audition. They must be tasteful, with the desire to enhance the songs - not walk all over them! And, if they can play a cello, that would be extra fantastic! And, sing harmonies? Yeah!

Chip Taylor and Carrie Rodriguez in Concert - February 17, 2006

At last, I got to catch a little bit of Chip Taylor and Carrie Rodriguez live! I have been taken with them for the last year or so, and have bought all their cd's! I was at the Folk Alliance Conference in Austin last week, and I got to catch them in a 30-minute showcase. I was not disappointed! They were every bit as good as they are on cd, and, I must say, that Carrie is about 10 times cuter than her photographs let on! And Chip is just about as ugly! (Just joking, Chip!). Anyway, they opened the set with one of my favorites, "Sweet Tequila Blues", and ended with a terrific rendition of "Wild Thing". Their easy-going style, their sweet harmonies, and Carrie's fiddle playing all blew me away. I was every bit as in love with these guys as I thought I was. Afterwards, I got them both to sign my guitar. I told Chip I was quite the groupie. He didn't seem to mind. He even introduced me to everybody that walked up to him to say "hi" while I was standing there. They would introduce themselves to him and he would shake their hand and say, "Chip Taylor...and this is Effron." Like we were old friends! Cool!

Folk Alliance, Austin, Texas - February 17, 2006

I just returned from the International Folk Alliance Conference in Austin, Texas, which ran from February 10-14. The Folk Alliance Conference is where folk and indie artists, promoters, record labels, etc. gather to do "business". In other words, they are trying to "peddle their wears" or find the next big thing in folk music. In order to present themselves to prospective promoters and presenters, artists participate in showcases where they perform their best stuff in the hopes of getting hired for some nice gigs. I performed in 12 showcases myself, 6 of which were in my own hotel room. I called it the Sticker Freak Showcase, after my record label. I presented over 50 artists in 100 30-minute slots. It was 4 days of widely varied styles of music, starting at 12:30 pm each day and running until 3:00 am. Not much sleep to be had, but, who cares when you're having fun! I performed several of my showcases with fiddle player, Cady Finlayson, from Brooklyn, NY, who I met at the Folk Alliance for the first time. Percussionist, Jim Roberts, also joined us at one showcase. I realized, after hearing Bianca De Leon, from Ausitin, and her cello player, Lee Zimmerman, that I have to consider more seriously the possibility of adding a cellist and/or fiddler permanently to my act. Playing with Cady, I found the violin helps me find my groove, perhaps, better than any other accompaniing instrument. So, if any of you out there know of any cellists or fiddlers who need a gig, send them my way.

I want to thank all of the fine artists who played in the Sticker Freak Showcase, and I hope to see you next year, when the Conference will be in Memphis, TN.

Here is a list of all those "Sticker Freaks" who I now consider amongst my bestest friends. Thank you, God bless you, and
stick with it!

EFFRON WHITE's Sticker Freak Showcase:

Kate Gaffney
Lee Zimmerman
Tammerlin (Lee Hunter and Arvid Smith)
Julie Clark with Jess Willoughby
Janet Bates
Jan Seides
Jaime Michaels
John William Davis
Susan Shore
Phil Lancaster and Alison Moore
Greg Klyma
Jeff Talmadge
Shelley Miller
Boulder Acoustic Society
Hunger Mountain Boys
Bianca De Leon
Kim Miller
Jan Smith
Cady Finlayson & Jim Roberts
Jean Synodinos
Bob Livingston
Karen Mal
Tom Tranchilla
Mikki Brisk
Beth Wood
Jay Mankita
Arlon Bennett
Shiftless Rounders
Carrie Hamby
Eva Hillered
Steve Brooks
Idgy Vaughn
Janet Bates
Claudia Nygaard
Treasa Levasseur
Jake Schepps
Pat Wictor
Jim Bizer
Crooked Jades
Rani Arbo and daisy mayhem
Annie Benjamin
Ken Gaines
Peter Lang
Brian Cutean
Bernice Lewis
Lisen Elwin
Ter-ra: Teri Payton and Sara Sanders
John Wort Hannam
Jordan Chassan
The Hudsons

Also, thanks to Steve Butler for splitting the cost of the room and helping host!

Good Time! - January 29, 2006

Arsaga's Espresso Cafe, on Crossover Rd. in Fayetteville, was the place to be last night! Phil Lancaster joined me with his mandocello and banjo, and made me sound good! It's always a pleasure playing with "Uncle Phil". He forces me to be a better musician. When you play with other folks, it's about them as much as you. You don't want to make your buddy look bad, so you do your very best. After it's over, you both might be better musicians! You just might! Phil will be out of town for the next month, but, we will definitely get together for some more gigs. So, be watching my calendar. I will let you know when!


EFFRON BUMPER STICKERS! - January 21, 2006

Finally! I have bumper stickers! They are FREE at any of my shows! How 'bout this one?

"Don't Euthanize...EFFRON-IZE!"


"Effron White? Effin Right!"


"Effron White / Sticker Freak Records "STICK WITH 'EM!"

And I do hope you will stick with us! Pick 'em up and stick 'em up!

Christmas in Chanute! Private Party on December 10, 2005 - December 13, 2005

The Bank of Commerce of Chanute, Kansas, throws a mean Christmas party! Man, what better Christmas eats than BBQ pork and beef brisket! I wanna be at their 4th of July party! The trip to Chanute from Fayetteville was not a straight shot, but, the large crowd of bank employees and their families responding well to my music made the long, split-up road well worth the journey!

Pink Papaya Private Christmas Party - December 3, 2005 - December 4, 2005

This party at the Pink Papaya, an exclusive beauty salon in Fayetteville, was a blast! These folks know how to have a good time! The food was terrific! I enjoyed getting a couple of breaks while Buck Boger and Tim Chane borrowed my guitar to entertain a little! It was great meeting Ryan and Miranda, the owners, and the rest of the staff. My daughter works as the receptionist here. That might have something to do with how I got the gig, I don't know. Merry Christmas to all you crazy papayas!

Holiday Season Sale! - November 27, 2005

Catch Effron at a gig, or on the street, before December 31, 2005, and get his latest CD, "Yankee Dime" for the special holiday season price of only $10 per copy! Buy 3 of these great stocking stuffers at this price, and receive a free DVD of the recent television broadcast of "Front Row with Effron White"!

Merry Christmas
Sticker Freak Records!

"Stick with 'em!"

Songwriter's In-the-Round #4 at Teatro Scarpino November 18, 2005 - November 19, 2005

Thanks to all the amazing writers: Clark Ogden, Reese Neal, David Baer... you did a wonderful job. The audience, comprised mostly of Reese Neal fans, was great. Thanks for sharing them, Reese! I just wish more folks could find the time to get to one of these events. They would see how much fun they are, and make it a point to catch them regularly. Thank you, Gina Berquist at Scarpino, for giving this thing a chance!

"Soup and Song" Benefit for 7 Hills Homeless Shelter Yesterday - November 14, 2005

Thanks to Diana Carpenter, who organized this event, and to all those who helped her. And to Geoff and Leslie Oelsner, for inviting me to play in the first place. Leslie and Geoff did a wonderful set, with one a capella that got the place so quiet you could hear a pin drop! It was astounding! Then I played my set to a very appreciative audience. They were such good listeners that I do believe it might have been the best set I ever played! A great audience response is infectious! Thanks again, Effron

Last Friday's U.S. Pizza Gig - November 14, 2005

Thanks to Jason Meier, who just might be the most outspoken Effronite there is! I'd put him on the payroll, if I could afford him! He speaks loudly and clearly about my music, and...he always says good stuff! He and his wife, Amy, braved the rather cool temperatures on the deck, and made their friends, Brent and Caroline, suffer through most of my show! Poor Brent was in short sleeves, but he and Caroline both became Effronites before the night was over. I hope ya'll enjoy those CDs! See you again soon, I hope!

Chip Taylor and Carrie Rodriguez - November 12, 2005

Lately, I have been obsessed with the music of Chip Taylor and Carrie Rodriguez. You might have caught a video or two on GAC (Great American Country). That's where I first saw them. Then I started hearing them on my Satellite radio quite a bit. There was even an interview with them (I love my satellite radio!). I went out and bought one of their CDs, "Let's Leave This Town". I fell in love with them. Chip writes all the songs, and it seems as though he writes a lot from his stream of consciousness. In the end, it all makes sense on some kind of level. It's the music and the harmonies that drive it into your soul. Chip's low, soothing, laid-back voice is a perfect compliment to Carrie's warm, southern, sultry female voice. Sometimes, together, they are downright sexy! To the outstanding male-female harmony, add Carrie's well-placed fiddle parts to Chip's guitar and the rest of the band, and you've got this dreamy, Texas-style, down home feel that is at once familiar, yet innovative. Give any one of their albums a listen, and, if you are like me, you will have to spend some more money! I have gone and bought all four of their CD's, plus about six or seven of Chip's (before Carrie)! Get this! Chip has the distinction of having written the classic rock song, "Wild Thing"! That tells you how long he's been around! In fact, he is the writer of many hit songs of which you may or may not have heard; like, "Storybook Children", "Angel of the Morning", and a slew of others. You can get all his early hits on one of his CDs called "Hit Man". I've enjoyed most all of his work. But, my favorite is the stuff with Carrie. I've been performing one of their songs, "Don't Speak in English" in my shows. Come out and hear it sometime. In the meantime, go buy their albums! Go buy all four:

"Red Dog Tracks"; "The Trouble With Humans"; "Let's Leave This Town; and, "Angel of the Morning" (Buy this one last, it's really just an EP).

Here's their web link:

LIMITED TIME OFFER! Free Downloads! - November 10, 2005

Two of Effron's most "down home" songs are now available for free downloading for a LIMITED TIME! Click on "Audio", and download "Fate Won't You Smile on Me Awhile", and "Biscuits and Gravy". Grab 'em while you can!

An Article by Emily Kaitz - June 8, 2004

On The Road Somewhere With Effron White
Our Trip To The Kerrville Folk Festival
by Emily Kaitz, for “All About Town”

It's 8:55 am, and Effron White and I sip coffee from our travel mugs in his car facing south on the shoulder of I-540 just north of the I-40 split. We have been pulled over by a police officer; Effron was going 66 in a 50 mph work zone. "Now I'll have to win the contest just to pay for my traffic ticket!" he growls. We are on our way down to the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas, roughly a 12 hour drive from Fayetteville, where Effron will compete in the prestigious "New Folk" songwriting competition. Six winners will be awarded $400 prizes, along with some recording equipment and a 20-minute performance slot.

But those possibilities are a long way off right now. We've just started our long drive on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. Effron is one of 32 finalists, his 2 songs having been selected from a pool of 600 entries. He'll play them tomorrow before a panel of judges, with me accompanying him on electric bass. Sunday night the winners are announced, and Monday we drive all the way back, since Effron has to be at his day job Tuesday. A kamikaze trip for sure.

I've been to the Kerrville Folk Festival many times since 1981, the first year I went, when the festival had been in existence a mere 10 years. I went on to compete in New Folk twice myself, but never won. Later, however, I was hired a few times as a regular performer, the most recent occasion being last June. One of the reasons people love the Kerrville Folk Festival so much is that it's a great equalizer. Whether you're a bank president or an itinerant musician who lives out of his truck, within 24 hours of arriving there you'll be sunburned, covered with dust, and operating on less than 4 hours of sleep. After 36 hours you'll be hugging total strangers. Effron and I hope to be back on the road before we reach that point.

Effron sings a lot of songs about being on the road. Some he's written, like Six Friends in a Datsun, Wanderlust, Going Down Kerrville Way, and the signature song with which he ends most performances, On The Road Somewhere. He also covers traveling songs like Guy Clark's LA Freeway, Woody Guthrie's Rambling Round and Hard Traveling, and the ubiquitous Geoff Mack classic, I've Been Everywhere, which strings together the names of dozens of towns in its verses.

I've played bass off and on with Effron for about 5 years, and produced his debut CD, Day In The Sun. But this is the first time I've been on the road with him, unless you count driving to Tulsa once to play a wedding. Effron mostly performs in and around Fayetteville, since he has a family and a job, but in the time I've known him he's managed to get to Nashville to do some songwriter showcases and recording, to the Woody Guthrie Festival in Okemah, Oklahoma, and to North Carolina where he was a finalist in the Merlefest songwriting contest.

By 5 pm Saturday we're just south of Hamilton, Texas on Highway 281, with several hours still to go. To help pass the time, we've been listening to CDs - Merle Haggard, the Beatles, and now Alan Rhody, a Nashville singer-songwriter who recently performed in Fayetteville. But my favorite CD has been the newly mastered advance copy of Effron's soon-to-be-released second album, Yankee Dime, which he started recording in Eureka Springs with Eric Schabacker at Winterwood Studios, and finished up in Nashville with producer/engineer Fred Bogert. "Effron, this sounds as good as a famous person's album," I say. "Maybe someday soon you'll be able to quit your day job."

8 pm - We arrive at the festival, as I predicted, exactly 12 hours after we left, to the minute. Effron is amazed. "I'm a bass player," I brag, "my timing is impeccable." Amid a tent and trailer city of many acres and several thousand campers we easily locate Phil Lancaster and Alison Moore, who are saving Effron a campsite and me a spot in their tiny trailer, the Love Bug. I arrive to find a cozy little home with actual electricity waiting for me. What a deal.

When it becomes apparent that Effron doesn't need my help setting up camp, I start walking around and immediately run into 3 close friends from my 21 years of living in Austin. Purly Gates now divides her time between New Hampshire, Oregon, and Wimberley, Texas; Thomas Hart has moved back to Washington state to help his elderly father after his mom died; and Brian Cutean is currently based out of Eugene, Oregon. It's been at least 15 years since all 4 of us were together like this.

All are musicians, of course. People who have never been to the Kerrville Folk Festival don't realize that the acts appearing on stage are only a small portion of the wonderful music that goes on day and night informally in the campgrounds. I visit with my friends, trade a song or two. My energy is fading fast after the long drive. I manage to make it to the main stage for part of Bill Morrisey's set, but then return to the campgrounds and am in bed by around 1:30 am, early by Kerrville standards. Not far from my trailer I hear Effron singing Yankee Dime, one of the songs he'll perform in New Folk tomorrow.

* * * * *

1 pm Sunday. I'm sitting in the shade of Camp Sweetness & Light. There are dozens of established camps here with names; people come each year and claim the same spots, bringing entire kitchens (Camp Cuisine), an upright piano (Camp Stupid), an inflatable Dracula doll (Camp Bite Me). Camp Sweetness & Light has a bubble machine. I've just played bass with Effron on his 2 songs, Nothing To Lose and Yankee Dime. Effron performed well, and made a bunch of new fans. The 3 judges, Slaid Cleaves, Ruthie Foster and Eric Schwartz seemed to respond positively, but there are some stellar contenders in the contest and Effron doesn't expect to make the winners' list. Still, just performing his two songs was fun, and great exposure. It's about 95 degrees now, and I'm grateful for the shade here at Sweetness & Light, and the bubbles lightly landing on my shoulders as I visit with more old friends.

At 5 pm Sunday, Effron and I are sitting under a canopy at our campsite talking to a guy named Jim Stephens, a musician who works at Wild Oats grocery in Nashville. Although I've met Jim on several occasions, I've never heard his music. He drags over a battery-powered Yamaha keyboard and plays two beautiful, delicately melodious songs with poetic lyrics that he wrote. Not the kind of music you'd expect to hear at a campsite in Kerrville, Texas, and absolutely wonderful. Anything can happen here.

8:55 pm. After Vince Bell's set on the main stage, festival director Dalis Allen announces the 6 New Folk winners - Cary Cooper, Idgy Vaughn, John William Davis, Claudia Nygaard, Julie Clark, and--Effron White! Holy Moly! Effron joins the others for photos on stage. My heart swells with pride.

11:30 pm. I am sitting in a song circle at Camp Cuisine, surrounded by many musician friends and scant inches away from two legendary singer-songwriters, Steve Gillette on my left and Jack Williams on my right. Jack is one of the most amazing guitar players I've ever heard. It doesn't get any better than this. Two hours and many songs later I lie in the Love Bug trying to fall asleep, still hearing great music outside my window.

Monday, Memorial Day, at 9:30 am. I've been awake 2 hours - it gets light, but more importantly, it gets hot early at Kerrville. I've had some coffee and am waiting for Effron to bring his car around so we can load up. "I won't have to pack up my tent," Effron told me, "I'll just leave it where it is since I'll be coming back next weekend." The 6 New Folk winners each play a 20-minute set next Sunday, and claim their prize money and further glory. It's been great, but I'm ready to head back to Arkansas. At Kerrville it's easy to feel like you've been there much longer than you actually have. There's so much crammed into a short time - wonderful people, great music, poetry and inspiration, fire ants and blisters and cold communal showers. Whether I return or not, I know Effron will put on a fine performance. I expect the out-of-town gigs to come pouring in, and he'll have more reason than ever to be on the road somewhere.
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