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Effron White - Award Winning Nashville Singer/Songwriter: News

GREAT AMERICAN SONG CONTEST 2012 Finalist! - April 7, 2013

Just announced! Effron's song, "Transcontinental Railroaded" has been selected as a Finalist in the 2012 GREAT AMERICAN SONG CONTEST in the Americana/Folk category. Visit the contests website to see other finalists and this year's winners.

Review of Effron White's "Long Haul" - December 14, 2012

The Arkansas based singer-songwriter Effron White has just recently self-released Long Haul, his fourth album of country and folk-leaning Americana through his own independent imprint, Sticker Freak Records. The prolific fifty-eight year old is in possession of a thick, raspy and gravelly baritone voice that has a rich, world-weariness reminiscent of Tom Waits and Bob Dylan but with an unmatched emotional weight that provides the perfect vehicle for his organic folk music. The album was produced and mixed by Texas multi-instrumentalist John Inmon, winner himself of the Texas Music Awards Producer of the Year award for 2012, who helped White flesh out his songs with the appropriate accruements.
The album opens with “Long Haul”, the title track and standout first single that chronicles the rough life of a lonely truck driver with a real and raw lyrical honesty. The song was also named the first place winner in the Americana/folk category of the Billboard Song Contest in 2011. The gruff way he draws out the word “long” in the chorus: “It’s been a long haul”, will have you raising your drink in the air and singing right along in no time. The lively “Time Hardened Truth” follows with a dash of swinging rockabilly swagger in the shuffling rhythm as it plays out like the dusty soundtrack to an old spaghetti western. It even comes complete with churning guitars and thick vintage organ swells, setting a mood that perfectly complements White’s growling vocals. The beautiful and heartfelt ballad “Big Blue Tears” features a slower pace with cyclical Spanish-style guitars and a bluesy, heart-aching vocal performance.
The next song, “Desirae” keeps with the slower pace, featuring an inventive arrangement that includes a loping, country-loving rhythm and melodic guitar runs along with an extended guitar solo. The Bluegrass-inspired “Built By Men” is highlighted by guest musician Phil Lancaster’s flickering banjo figures and White’s Waits-like swampy and barking vocals that have a humorous lyrical bent. Sounding like the atmospheric, Daniel Lanois-produced late-period Bob Dylan, Effron adds his harmonica skills to the mix on “Truce” which is bolstered by Inmon’s glimmering pedal steel and the insistent acoustic guitar strumming that provides for the introspective mood and rhythm of the standout song. Later, White is assisted by Susan Shore who provides her contrastingly honeyed vocal harmonies to “Three Chords Of Love” which sounds like it is being beamed from an Appalachian back porch jam circa 1930. Effron adopts a talking blues vocal for the upbeat “Charlie Roth Is Coming”, which yet again showcases his exceptional gift for storytelling. Lyrically, “No Fairy Tale” is dark, raw and a little self-depreciating but musically, is contrasted by twinkling guitar tones and some brighter melodies. Also included on the album is White’s loving take on the classic country standard, “Lost Highway” that was originally written and recorded by blind country music artist Leon Payne and has also famously been covered by Hank Williams and Willie Nelson among others. And he holds his own among his esteemed peers, even adding an additional verse of his own to give the song his own unique trademark. The eleven track album closes out with the Southern Gospel-soaked “Show Me The Light Again”, in which White displays his Christian faith with a message of hope, which is set to close knit three part vocal harmonies from vocalists, Susan Shore and Emily Kaitz providing the beautiful female counterparts.
With his interesting lyrical storytelling and the memorable Americana-laced melodies and stellar songwriting, Effron White sure makes it easy to settle in for the long haul with his new album, Long Haul.
Artist: Effron White
Album: Long Haul
Reviewed by: Justin Kreitzer

Get the New Album Now! - July 10, 2012

Effron White: Long Haul

Long Haul Avavilable for Download on iTunes! - May 13, 2012

Effron's LONG HAUL album is now available at iTunes, as are all previous albums! Download now at:
Long Haul - Effron White

LONG HAUL CD RELEASE May 6th, 2012! - April 16, 2012



"Long Haul" CD in Progress - December 31, 2011

Yes, EFFRON-ites! The forthcoming "Long Haul" cd is well underway. It is being produced and engineered by John Inmon, in Bastrop, TX. The release date is set, tentatively, for mid-March, 2012. I would like to thank my 3 Executive Producers for their generous contributions: Walt Eilers, Russell Winburn, and Neal Pendergraft.

If you are interested in contributing, and would like to be listed on the outside of the cd cover as an Executive Producer, contact me at or call 479-200-1631 for details. Your contribution would help assure that I meet the release date of March 1st! Any Executive Producer will be rewarded 4 of the new cds, as well as a standing invitation to book me for a 2-hr house party, free of charge (does not include travel, lodging, or food expenses for non-local bookings), on a date agreeable to both of us.

I am excited about this cd, and I can't wait to get it into your hands!


Billboard Magazine has announced it's winners in the 18th Annual Billboard Song Contest.  Effron's song "Long Haul" is the 1st place winning song in the Americana/Folk category!

Check out Effron's song and the other winning tunes at


"Long Haul" Nation Wide! - March 7, 2010

Local Singer/Songwriter in Nationwide Publication
Fayetteville singer-songwriter, Effron White, has added yet another feather to his songwriting cap. The Kerrville “New Folk” Winner and Northwest Arkansas Music Hall of Famer has been awarded Third Place in American Songwriter magazine’s bi-monthly lyric contest. The lyrics to his song, “Long Haul” are published in the March/April issue of the magazine along with the lyrics of the other three top four finalists. In his company are First Place winner, Lauren Strange (Germantown, TN); Second Place, Michael McGarrah (Phoenix, AZ); and Fourth Place, Wade Newman (Loveland, CO).
White, who has placed in numerous songwriting contests over the last 10 years, could chalk this one up as “just another” award, but this one is really special. In each issue, the American Songwriter staff chooses one of the four finalists in the lyric contest to do a “Lyric Spotlight” interview. The article is then published in the same issue of the magazine as the selectee’s winning lyric. The March/April issue presents Effron White in the “Lyric Spotlight”. In the article White relates how the song, “Long Haul” (about a trucker enduring some heart-rending circumstances) came about, and offers some insight into how he balances his music career with a day job and family.
The magazine is available in most major bookstores. You can also view Effron White’s interview online at American Songwriter’s website,

March/April, 2010 "American Songwriter"

Effron Organizes "Songs in the 'Ville" - July 25, 2009

The UARK BALLROOM and Effron White, are proud to announce "Songs in the 'Ville", a Songwriters In-the-Round hosted by Effron White. Each month Effron will host 2 or 3 other excellent songwriters in the intimate atmosphere of the UARK BALLROOM, located in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The show will be presented in the In-the-Round format, in which the writers are postioned "living-room style" in the middle of the room, facing each other with the audience seated around them. This will provide an up-close and intimate listening situation, in which Effron will direct the show's flow as he ask the writers interesting questions about their careers and their approach to songwriting. The UARK plans to feature other unique events as well.


HONORABLE MENTION! - July 13, 2009

Effron has received an Honorable Mention in this year's BILLBOARD SONG CONTEST for his song, "Nothing to Lose".

Download it at I-Tunes!

What They're Saying About Effron on MySpace - November 26, 2008

John Lott Live
Nov 27 2008 8:58 AM

Effron, your music is some of the best that i've heard in awhile

Jerry Corbitt
Nov 26 2008 8:41 PM


It was great to meet you at FBISF. It was also a real treat to get to hear you after hearing so much about you from R.C. and John. Their opinions of you and your work were bulls eye accurate and on the money. You are a true treasure my friend.


Nov 26 2008 8:38 PM

Thanks for adding me! Had a blast listening to you in Eureka. You are an amazing artist. Let's get together sometime and entertain some folks.
keep on keepin on!

R. C. OLeary
Nov 26 2008 1:04 PM

Thanks for the wonderful comment Effron, it really means a lot when a Singer/Songwriter of your caliber makes mention of enjoying another writers works.
I must let the Friends of My Space know, that I personally rank EFFRON WHITE as one of the Great Singer/Songwriters of our times, and when the opportunity presents itself, ALL lovers of the Singer/Songwriter should make their presence known at his Venues you will not be disappointed. Make sure and request YANKEE DIME ....

Wayne R Brown and Friends
Nov 23 2008 3:26 AM


I had a great time at the Reef listening to your set. You write some very nice tunes Pal. Hope to see you at the FBISF again next year.


Ozark Folk Festival Song Contest Finalists are Announced! - October 21, 2008

The 61st Annual Ozark Folk Festival Song Contest had over 60 submissions this year.
The 6 finalists for this year are:
Kim Richardson
Shaun Cromwell
Effron White
Justin Taylor
Rebecca Loebe
Brad Colerick

All 6 Finalists will perform at the festival, in Basin Park, at 9:AM on November 8, before a group of judges, who will select one as the Grand Prize Winner.

Good luck, Effron!

High-Fashion Effron - October 8, 2008

Effron's song, "Nothing to Lose" was used in an episode of a Canadian TV show called FASHION FILE. The episode was "Shaun Leane Jewellry" and it first aired in the Spring/Summer season of 2007.

Hangin' in the Hall of Fame - April 25, 2008

The Northwest Arkansas Music Awards (NAMA) just inducted Effron into it's Hall of Fame. Effron would like to thank anyone and everyone who has ever had anything to do with his career for helping him achieve this great honor. Without support of family, friends, and fans, it would not have been possible. Thanks a million!

MP3 Downloads - DID YOU KNOW... - March 9, 2008


Now you can download any Effron White CD, in the MP3 format, to listen to on your MP3 player or iPOD. Yes! Buy an entire album as one zip download, which
includes the MP3s, a JPG of the album art, and a text file of song titles and album notes. All this for only $9.98 from CDBaby! Just follow this link to the album of your choice:
Now you know!

Effron on YouTube! - January 15, 2008

Did U Know?

You can now watch quality videos of Effron performing some his classic tunes on YouTube. Click the link below, pop some popcorn, and enjoy!
Ha! Now U Know!

House Concerts - December 10, 2007

Did U Know...
You can host an Effron White concert for your friends and family in your own home. It's so easy and fun, you wouldn't believe it! Click on this link to find out more:

House Concerts In Your Home

Concert Review of "Dylan Show" by Kevin Kinder - December 2, 2007

The Dylan Show — Nov. 28 @ Green Door
Date: November 30th, 2007 - Author: Kevin Kinder

Even with the promise of a great Arkansas Razorback-Missouri Tiger basketball game (and it was, by all accounts), about 70 people made it out to the Green Door in Fayetteville to hear the music of a great in his own right — Bob Dylan.
Six local songwriters offered their own unique interpretation on the coffee shop bard. What they collectively presented onstage — a diverse set of music presented on diverse instrumentation — helped prove why Dylan is such an important cultural figure.
The blog, for one, erroneously believed the night would be a boys-with-guitars affair. It was, but it was also much more. Songwriter Mike Blackwell was joined in his set by the hot electric guitar licks of Dave Singleton and the backing vocals Ember Lanuti. Effron White, after launching into driving renditions of “The Times They Are A Changing” and “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright,” invited Susan Shore to play mandolin while he strummed. Jovan Arellano first used a pianist, then a full backing band.

The others, Wade Ogle, Jeff Kearney and Bryce Harrison, stuck to acoustic guitars but differed wildly in how they presented Dylan’s songs. And the greatest things about it — and the greatest thing about Dylan — is that none were wrong in the attempt.
Each songwriter played at least one original during the course of the evening. The setlists, to the best of the blog’s ability, follow:
Wade Ogle: Highway 61 Revisted; Girl of The North Country; Your Side of the Mountain; Positively 4th Street
Mike Blackwell: Felix the Cat; Buckets of Rain; Come Back To Me; Better Days; Mama, You Been On My Mind
Jovan Arellano: Cannonball (Damien Rice cover); Just Like A Woman; An Idiotic Smile; Ballad of a Thin Man
Effron White: The Times, They Are A Changin; Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright; She Belongs to Me; License to Kill; Desiree(?)
Bryce Harrison: The Man in Me; Houston; Hills; Wagon Wheel; Hold Me Down(?); I’d've Held You(?)
Jeff Kearney: Money; When The Ship Comes In; Smells So Sweet(?); The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll; Dear Landlord; The River; Mama, You Been On My Mind; Sandcastles

RECENT PRESS - Dylan Show w/ Wade Ogle - November 24, 2007

[About the upcoming Dylan Show, Wednesday Night, November 28 at the Green Door]
Fayetteville Free Weekly-Dylan Show:
November 21st, 2007 -The Dylan Show
A laidback night listening to the music Bob Dylan performed live, cocktail in hand, seems like a fine way to spend a Wednesday night this holiday season. To partake, head to the Green Door where six Northwest Arkansas singer songwriters will pay tribute to Dylan and showcase some of their own original tunes. The Green Door is a great atmosphere for shows like this and over the last few months Wednesday nights there have become a popular destination for acoustic music fans. The club has given the Wednesday night stage to the talented Paul Boatright who has been hosting local singer songwriters and bringing them to the spotlight. Boatright is taking this Wednesday off and has handed over the reins to musical pal, Wade Ogle. Ogle will also be be performing along with Mike Blackwell, Bryce Harrison, Effron White, Jovan Arranello and Kale Ogle. The Green Door is located in the Evelyn Hill Shopping Center on North College Avenue. Show at 8:30 p.m. Tickets $5 at the door. Boatright will be back for the Wednesday shows on Dec. 5.


NWA TIMES- Dylan Show press:

direct link:

Saluting the songwriter: Six area musicians play tribute to music of Bob Dylan
BY KEVIN KINDER Northwest Arkansas Times

Posted on Friday, November 23, 2007

Email this story | Printer-friendly version

There is a certain it factor about Bob Dylan.

He is often the subject of movies, including the soon-to-be-released "I'm Not There."He has his own satellite radio program, still makes albums and is largely regarded as the most important American singer-songwriter of any generation.

For local songwriter Wade Ogle, anyway, Dylan is the big deal.

"He's it. He's the guy,"said Ogle matter-of-factly.


When: 8 p.m. Wednesday

Where: Green Door, 1404 N. College Ave., Fayetteville

Admission: $3

* Six local singer-songwriters will perform songs by Bob Dylan at the concert. Doors open at 7 p.m.

And so Ogle, who will serve as host of the weekly singer-songwriter night on Wednesday at the Green Door in Fayetteville, decided to feature an evening of the singer-songwriter's music.

Ogle has gathered five other local songwriters to join him for the evening, including Mike Blackwell, Effron White, Bryce Harrison, Jovan Arellano and Jeff Kearney.

When Ogle began asking musicians to play Dylan songs, the response was overwhelming. Each musician has there own personal story about Dylan, it seems. White, for instance, has been playing Dylan for 30 years. Blackwell has seen Dylan perform in five states.

The rules for the evening are simple, Ogle said. Each of the artists has been asked to play at least some Dylan songs. Which songs are up to the individual performers, each of whom will play a set of acoustic-based music. In addition to the Dylan covers, each musician has the opportunity to play a few originals.

There are only a few artists, Dylan included, whose catalog is large enough to support such an event, Ogle said. And because there are hundreds of songs spanning several decades, Ogle makes no predictions about who might play what.

"Everyone gets something different from Dylan,"he said.

His set list, for instance, is likely to include "Girl From the North Country,"a song Dylan recorded with Johnny Cash for his 1969 album," Nashville Skyline."Another possibility is "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues"from 1965.

The other performers will offer different takes. White, who taught himself to play guitar about 30 years ago and has been playing Dylan songs ever since, will likely play "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right,"which was recorded in 1963. The song has special meaning for White as one of the first songs in the finger-pick style he ever learned to play.

Like White, Arellano jumped at the opportunity to showcase some Dylan songs. He, too, taught himself to play many tracks, but usually uses his live gigs for his original work.

And although the featured subject of the upcoming show is some 30-plus years older than Arellano, it is Dylan who keeps the Fayetteville songwriter grounded.

"Bob Dylan has helped me to remain topical. I want to write about abstract things, and then I listen to Dylan. He helps me say something,"Arellano said.

Just Got Paid! - October 27, 2007

DID YOU KNOW...Effron just got his first BMI Royalties check in the mail? Apparently, his song, "Day in the Sun" was used in a TV show in Australia called "Backyard Blitz"! It's a show where they take someone's crummy backyard and give it a major overhaul. It was news to Effron....GOOD news!

Favorite Songwriters Today - October 25, 2007

DID U KNOW...who Effron's 5 Favorite songwriters are (today, at least)?

They are:

1. Bob Dylan
2. Guy Clark
3. Fred Eaglesmith
4. Townes Van Zandt
5. Chip Taylor

Now you know!

Gruene Hall - October 22, 2007

DID U KNOW...Effron played at Texas' Oldest Dance Hall yesterday? Yep! Scott Nolan, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, graciously invited Effron to split a gig with him at this prestigious music venue near New Braunfels, Texas. The East Side Flash joined him in 2 sets with some superb dobro playing. Hopefully, thanks to Scott, Effron has a foot in the door there and will be back soon to delight the ears of some great new Texan fans!

From the Gruene, Texas website (

Gruene Hall is legendary. Not just because it's the oldest, continually operating dance hall in the state of Texas, but also because it has served as both a starting point and a warm limelight to some of the most prolific talent in American history. It has helped launched the careers of such musicians as George Strait, Lyle Lovett and Hal Ketchum, among others. This famous stage has also welcomed the likes of Bo Diddley, The Dixie Chicks, Jerry Lee Lewis, Garth Brooks and Willie Nelson. Gruene Hall has gone from hosting badger fights in the 1870s to being featured in such notable publications as Forbes, Newsweek and Women's Wear Daily. It has been the site of famous birthdays, such as baseball great Nolan Ryan's 50th, and the location of numerous music videos, commercials and movies. Of special note, the dance scene for the movie "Michael" starring John Travolta was filmed at the Hall.

The legacy of Gruene Hall continues to grow with the best live and Americana music featured year-round. Visit today and be a part of history in the making.

Open daily. (830)606-1281.

See pictures from the gig on Effron's Photo page.

"Paradiso Loco" Now available ONLINE! - March 17, 2007

DID U KNOW...Effron's latest CD, "PARADISO LOCO", is now available online at:

"PARADISO LOCO" IS HERE! - March 14, 2007

Effron's new CD "Paradiso Loco" has been released! Check out the website for more details! Stay tuned for info regarding the CD Release Party (sometime in April?).

Effron at McDavid Studio, Fort Worth - February 10, 2007

Gruff is good for White
Effron White performs at McDavid Studio in downtown Fort Worth on Friday night.
FORT WORTH -- Nanci Griffith wasn't the only multifarious folk singer playing downtown Friday night. Across the street from Bass Hall, where Griffith performed, Effron White spun his own yarns at McDavid Studio.
White is part of an Arkansas musical community that calls its music "Ozark skittle." The name is a play on skiffle, a blend of folk, jazz and blues that dates from the early 1900s. Skittle, to such practitioners as White, Eddie Glenn and the Ozone Players, is skiffle for the 21st century.
White proved why he's skittle's ringleader: With just one guitar, he proficiently ran through a variety of sounds and styles, from country to jazz to blues. Like Griffith, he's restless musically, and like her, he has a voice and vocal style so oddly unique that you'll either fall in love with it or be immediately disgusted.
His voice was sometimes smooth and melodic like early John Prine, but more often, on songs such as Yankee Dime and Town Within the Town, he brought to mind the Cookie Monster-like grunt of Tom Waits. That's the raw attraction of folk music, though; even those with the most seemingly unappealing voices often find a fan base. Ask Griffith.
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