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Effron White - Award Winning Nashville Singer/Songwriter: Links

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Sonicbids Electronic Press Kit
Go here if you are a venue director or promoter. You'll probably find what you need to promote your Effron White event! Bio, Photos, Audio, Press Reviews, Stage Plot, etc.

Effron White at
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More Effron Pages

Enjoy more tunes by Effron at!
Effron White on YouTube
Check out some fine videos here of Effron performing some of his classic tunes.
Effron White's Site
Listen to Effron's latest, unreleased songs free!

Buy Effron's CDs at:

Effron White at CD Baby
Purchase Effron's CDs Online!
Hastings in Fayetteville, Arkansas is also a great place to buy all of Effron's CD's!
SOUND WAREHOUSE, Fayetteville, Arkansas
Great selection of CD's, including all of Effron's!

Buy Effron's Art Works at:

ArtBreak - Effron's Art
Hey, Effronites! You might not have known it, but Effron is quite a visual artist as well! Check out and purchase his art work here.


Flashpoint Recording
"Paradiso Loco" was recorded in it's entirety at this Austin studio.
Fred Bogert - The Briarpatch Studios
Fred Bogert produced Effron's second album, "Yankee Dime".
Winterwood Recording Studios
Eric Schabacker does excellent recording in this state of the art studio located in an Ozark Mountain wonderland!

DOWNLOAD EFFRON'S MUSIC from these fine vendors:

CD Baby
You can download all of Effron's albums here, in MP3 format, to enjoy on your mp3 player or iPOD. Only $9.98 an album!
Apple Itunes
Download Effron's music to your Ipod right here!

FESTIVALS Effron Loves to Attend:

30A Songwriters Festival
Produced by the Cultural Arts Alliance of Walton County and presented by Visit South Walton, this three-day music festival features more than 125 songwriters and over 250 performances in venues ranging from intimate listening rooms to spacious outdoor amphitheaters amid a backdrop of brilliant white sand beaches and turquoise waters along South Walton's Scenic Highway 30A in Northwest Florida.
Woody Guthrie Folk Festival
In Okemah, OK (Birthplace of Woody Guthrie), in July. All the great music makes you forget about the Oklahoma heat! Well...almost!
Kerrville Folk Festival
In Kerrville, Texas, last week of May thru the first two weeks of June! The grandaddy of Folk Festivals and home of the "New Folk Competition for Emerging Songwriters".
Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival
Songwriters galore, spread out from Gulf Shores, AL to Pensicola, FL for 10 days in November.

Fayetteville, AR (Home, Sweet Home)

City of Fayetteville, Arkansas
Effron's Hometown
Arsagas Espresso Cafe
A favorite music venue and supplier of Effron's drug of choice, caffeine!
GoodFolk Productions
One of the best House Concert Series anywhere, right here in Fayetteville, AR

Links to Some Favorite Musicians

The Official Bob Dylan Website
"Don't Think Twice, It's Alright" to go there!
Fred Eaglesmith
Effron's favorite Canadian songwriter!
Guy Clark Website
"Who's got the drugs and alcohol?" Yes, he asked Effron this question once.
Billy Joe Shaver Official Website
Effron had the opportunity to open for Billy Joe Shaver in Winnsboro, Texas, in August, 2008.
Townes Van Zandt - Blue Sky
A great site honoring the late great Townes Van Zandt.
Tom Waits Digest
Digest this with your Biscuits and Gravy!
Chip Taylor / Carrie Rodriguez
A duo with a really cool, innovative sound.
Paul Pearcy
Paul Pearcy played drums on "Paradiso Loco".
Jed Clampit - Front Porch Contemporary Musician
Effron says, "Jed has been a great friend and teacher. I'm a slow learner, but what he has taught me is going to make a huge difference in my life when I buckle down and do it!"
Richard Hartrick's MySpace
Richard "Hat Trick" Hartrick enhances Effron's act from time to time with terrific mandolin, fiddle, and great enthusiasm.
Susan Shore
This fantastic singer/songwriter often accompanies Effron with mandolin and beautiful backup vocals.
Emily Kaitz Gallery
A master of wordplay, this great songwriter and musician, often plays bass with Effron. She also produced his first CD, "Day in the Sun".
Scott Nolan
Scott Nolan and Joanna Miller, both from Winnipeg, comprise the Scott Nolan Band. Effron has had the honor and pleasure of splitting some shows with them on their U.S. tours.

Other Links of Interest

Kerrville New Folk Finalists History
Can you believe in all of the 33 years of the Kerrville "New Folk" Competition that no records were kept of who the finalists and winners were from year to year? Doug Coppock has decided to take on the challenge of putting it all together! Here are his results. You're doin' great, Doug!
OSCA - Oklahoma Songwriters and Composers Association
Oklahoma's foremost songwriters association.
Miss Lana's Texacana Music Central
A site dedicated to Texas and Texas music, something close to Effron's Arkie heart. And check out the review of "Paradiso Loco" in Miss Lana's Texicana Jukebox!
Townes Van Zandt Songs Performed by Others
Effron is honored to be included here!